26th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE2018)
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 ارسال مجدد ایمیل تایید؟
 فراموشی رمز ورود
 کاربر جدید ؟ ثبت نام

تاريخ هاي مهم


مهلت ارسال مقالات کامل: ۱۷ آذر۹۶

 ۵ دي۹۶

 9 دي۹۶

نکته مهم

مهلت ارسال مقالات صنعتي : ۲۹ دي ۹۶

13 بهمن 96

اعلام نتايج داوري : ۱۸ اسفند۹۶

ارسال نسخه نهايي مقالات : ۱۹ فروردين ۹۷

۲۱ فروردين۹۷

ارسال اسلايدهاي مقالات :۱۰ ارديبهشت۹۷

کارگاه آموزشي

ارسال پيشنهاد و کارگاه آموزشي: ۲۵ اسفند ۹۶

اعلام پذيرش : ۲۰ فروردين  ۹۷  

ارسال اسلايدهاي نهايي : ۱۴ ارديبهشت ۹۷


رزرو نمايشگاه: ۸ ارديبهشت ۹۷


Mohammad Shahidehpour, Ph.D.

Distinguished Bodine Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of the Robert W. Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation
Associate Director of the Wanger Institute for Sustainability and Energy Research (WISER)


Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1981
M.S.E.E., University of Missouri, 1978
B.S.E.E., Sharif University of Technology, 1977


Power system operation and planning, microgrids and energy hubs, sustainable energy integration.


 Hassan modirshanechi.Ph.D

Ph.D. in System Science and Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1980
BSc. and MSc., EE, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 1975
Nonlinear and intelligent systems, power system dynamics and security, analyzing stressed power systems and explaining their behavior when heavily loaded, power system planning and maintenance scheduling.


 Bikash Pal,Phd

Bikash Pal is  Professor of Power Systems at Imperial College London.  He is research active in power system stability, control and computation. He chairs an IEEE Working Group in state estimation for power distribution applications. He was Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy.


Dr Stefan Franz Josef Scholz

Austria Embassedor


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